Thank You To Our Sponsors


Delwin Fiddler, Jr. plays the Native American flute at the RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball 


The cocktail hour at the @RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball with Lindsey Parks, Deana Zosky, Rep. Bob Freeman, Alan Jennings, Tom Dinkelacher, Dr. Cory Kushner and Lynn Rothman

Thank you, all so very much for the commitment of our RenewLV @Sustain-a-Ball sponsors to work of growing the local food economy and preserving farmland. It is the passion and dedication of supporters like you that have helped preserve our local farms in perpetuity (which means “Farmland Forever”) and what they provide to our community, whether that is local food, clean water and air or beautiful open vistas. Your investment in this event makes a real difference in the region. We would like to thank you for your generous support of the @Sustain-a-Ball. Without your help and support RenewLV would not have been able to keep the drum beat going that resulted in mobilizing a combined $2.5 million toward farmland preservation easements in Lehigh and Northampton County budgets this year. We are deeply grateful for your sponsorship.

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Deana Zosky and Alan Jennings at the RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball


Donna Wright enjoys a conversation with friends at the RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball


A handsome couple and helpful volunteer at the RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball


Michael Drabenstott welcomes attendees to and thanks sponsors of the RenewLV Sustain-a-Ball


RenewLV board members (and one former co-chair) enjoy a laugh at the Sustain-a-Ball



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