Do you have 10 seconds to see why it’s important to keep the Lehigh Valley green?

renew farmland

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and a good day to wear green.


But what about the Lehigh Valley?  Are we losing the green of the region forever?


Today is Friday and that means today is also Farmland Preservation Friday.


We see the green of the Lehigh Valley disappearing fast — every day we drive by what used to be familiar fields, now developed with warehouses.   


Do you have 10 seconds?  We have something REALLY  interesting to show you.


Through the magic of technology, please take ten seconds to witness the satellite view of the development of Routes 100 and 78 from 1992 to present.

(A big thank you to our campaign coordinator, Justin Burker for creating this impressive photo cascade.)

78 100 1992-2016

Click on the photo, above, or this link:

We look at these Google images and are shocked by the time lapse.  These images illustrate the urgency of farmland preservation and the importance of mitigating sprawl.

We need more than the “Luck of the Irish” to keep the Lehigh Valley green.  We need to work together.  Today.

In order to ensure a legacy of “farmland forever,” we need:

  • at least nine more years of fully funded county farmland preservation easement programs

  • local municipalities with farmland to pony up some local matching dollars

  • our representatives in Harrisburg to realize that farmland preservation is important to our region and continue funding it at the state level

  • local and county funds to be pooled together and leveraged with state dollars for maximum impact

  • your help to create a culture of appreciating our farms and our farmers that includes spending your consumer dollars at farmers markets (another form of green!)


At RenewLV we know that farmland preservation easements, while critical, are not the entire answer.  We recommend a multi-pronged approach to reaching the regional goals of preserving 25% of the land in Lehigh and Northampton Counties for agriculture.  In our Farmland Preservation Toolbox, we outline fifteen different strategies.   Let’s work together at every level of government for an “all of the above approach.”

If you have invested the 10 seconds in watching the photo cascade, if it upsets you to see how fast the farmland in our region has disappeared, we ask you to invest more.  Please invest your time and resources to join with us for our continued campaign for farmland preservation in Lehigh and Northampton Counties this year.  Contact your local, county and state elected officials and tell them you want to keep the Lehigh Valley green.

And please make a generous donation to the RenewLV Farmland Preservation Campaign.

With farmland, when it’s gone, it’s gone forever.


This St. Patrick’s Day, keep the Lehigh Valley green!  


Click here to donate online to RenewLV or send a check made payable to “RenewLV” to 1337 East Fifth Street, Bethlehem PA  18015.

Renew Lehigh Valley is a non-profit organization committed to promoting smart growth and smart governance in order to revitalize our core communities, preserve open space, and establish an economically and environmentally sustainable foundation for our region’s future growth.  


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