End the Cycle. Tell PennDOT you Want to Cycle.


“What is “Smart Transportation?”   It’s planning for various ways of getting from one place to another (walking, biking, transit, cars, light rail and passenger rail.)  If you want to learn more about smart growth and smart transportation Click here.

Here is your chance to help shape the Lehigh Valley’s transportation system into a “Smart Transportation System” and to tell PennDOT about transportation issues that are important to you!

PennDOT has opened a survey that includes interesting opportunities to adjust DOT’s budget and gives you the ability to highlight on a map the specific transportation issues that concern you.

Do you want to increase transportation choice to reduce traffic on Route 22?  Do you support more planning for walking/biking and transit options to mitigate climate change?  In either case, you will want to take this survey.

This is important.

PennDOT will use the collected data from the survey to help develop their Twelve Year Transportation Program. Think of those issues where improvements and a smarter transportation network would make our area better and safer. Then let PennDOT know!

The survey is fun and will take about 15 minutes to take.  Check it out at http://survey.talkpatransportation.com/#/Survey

Also join the State Transportation Commission (STC) and PennDOT on March 21, 2017 to share your transportation priorities and concerns. Tune in to hear PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards discuss highlights from the 2017 Transportation Performance Report, and have your questions answered. Register here.


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