Time is Running Out for Farmland in the Lehigh Valley

Save It - Don't Pave ItDonate today to Farmland Preservation Campaign at

If you look at the Lehigh Valley from Google Earth, you see that time is running out for farmland in the Lehigh Valley.

You see the fields where you played in as a child being developed. You see the patchwork quilt of farmland you drove by just a couple of years ago now covered with warehouses. You sit in truck traffic breathing the fumes of the trucks that bear down on you on all sides. You feel sick to your stomach. Your heart sinks.

Today, you are at the intersection of Routes 100 and 78. Ground zero for warehouses and truck traffic.  Where will it be like this in 5 years?  10 years? 20 years?

At RenewLV we hold the radical position that enough is enough. We see this photo above and see: Life and Death…for the quality of life we’ve held dear in the Lehigh Valley.

RenewLV openly advocates for farmland preservation in the Lehigh Valley. We openly advocate that Lehigh and Northampton Counties and all municipalities in the region make a serious, focused and impactful effort to meet the goal in the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s 2005 Comprehensive Plan to preserve 25% of land of Northampton and Lehigh Counties for agriculture. If not now, when?

We say: NOW.

Last year with your help, RenewLV had a strong start in organizing a farmland preservation campaign that resulted in restoring funding to both county easement programs. Thank you to Lehigh and Northampton Counties for hearing us and restoring a total of $2.5 million!

The work does not stop there. We have only just begun.

If we are to save farmland in this region and be as food self-sufficient as we can, we need to keep the drum beat going, and we will need your help to do it.
We must act now. Farmland is a precious and finite resource. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We have ten years to meet the 25% goal or live with the changed landscape of the Lehigh Valley forever. Forever is a long time.

We know that government, the private sector and engaged citizenry working together can craft practical solutions to our tough regional challenges.

OVER THE NEXT TEN YEARS we need to pull together. We can do this!

What specifically can you do today?

1. Make some noise with your county and local elected officials. Write to them and make sure that every single time you see them, you say:

“Save It – Don’t Pave It.”
“Fund Farmland Preservation.”
“Make Farmland Preservation a priority in the Lehigh Valley.”

2. Educate yourself. Agriculture is an economic driver. Farms and food-based businesses ARE businesses. Smart Growth IS economic development. Got a few minutes and want the disturbing and hopeful statistics? Here’s a video that summarizes the issue with all of the details from last year’s Save It Don’t Pave It event:

3. Come out of the shadows about your support of Farmland Preservation. If you’re not shy, we’ll live stream a video of you saying “Save It – Don’t Pave It,” “Fund Farmland Preservation” or “Make Farmland Preservation a Priority in the Lehigh Valley” to use on social media.
4. Open up your wallet. We know that you support us, but we need you to SUPPORT us. We need your help to keep our Farmland Preservation campaign strong. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for RenewLV’s 2017 Farmland Preservation Campaign by May 1st and we need your help.

Please donate today to our Farmland Preservation campaign by making a generous contribution.

Act now. For every donation over $100 made this week, we will say thank you by delivering a bouquet of forsythia. We want to say thank you. When we stop by, maybe you’ll let us live stream that video of you saying, “Save It – Don’t Pave It.”

RenewLV is the only organization advocating for farmland preservation. The future will only be bright if we make it bright, if we take action today and work together for the outcomes we want.

If Lehigh Valley farmland is precious to you, we need your help for RenewLV’s 2017 Farmland Preservation Campaign. Please join with us to mobilize support for farmland preservation this year by making a donation to RenewLV. The need has never been more urgent than now.

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