Come to the Summit for Smart Growth on Friday: Reason #3 Dynamic Speakers (Alan Jennings/Ben Price)

Everybody needs to get stirred up a little sometimes.  

Sign up now for the RenewLV Summit for Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities THIS Friday, December 9th at the Renaissance Hotel in Allentown:

 Reason #3, today is Dynamic Speakers and Panels.

“Dynamic?”  Perhaps the more appropriate word would be “Revolutionary.”

The two revolutionary key note speakers are:  Alan Jennings and Ben Price.

1) Alan Jennings, Executive Director of CACLV, speaking about a topic he has taught for six years at Lehigh University, “Doing Well by Doing Good.” 


Alan Jennings of CACLV to speak at Summit for Smart Growth at 9:30 a.m.


Alan Jennings, who thinks that he may “well be the most hated person in the Lehigh Valley,” is certainly one of “movers and shakers” of the region (in our opinion.) 

This man has challenged, threatened and beaten up powerful people and institutions over the last 36 years to get them to do better by their neighbors. 

Alan, known in the Lehigh Valley for having dedicated his life to ending poverty throughout his career at CACLV, jokes that he has sometimes been described as an “evil false prophet” and “a poverty pimp.” He warns us that “if we want a government that doesn’t want to govern, we better figure out how to get along.”  The radical message of this life-long radical may surprise many with opinions that are often inconsistent with how he is characterized.  He will be presenting a seemingly right-leaning message on socially responsible business creation that you will not want to miss.

Alan says, “The best social program is the creation of a profitable business.”  

Driven by his professional passion to make a difference, Alan will challenge us on:  “how we, through our actions, can avoid the need for government intervention.”  

Come hear Alan’s take on “Social Entrepreneurship,” a topic today that is hotter than a pistol. Alan’s message is sure to motivate us to do better.

After his presentation, Alan will be followed by a panel discussion to explore the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) and B-Corporations (Benefit-Corporations) — the latest business structure idea in socially responsible businesses.  We will also hear examples of two businesses where entrepreneurs are working to make a difference, one through working to build employee wealth while creating employee housing to make it easy for his staff to walk to work.  The other will compare traditional economic development strategies to another approach that involves the preservation of historic food, farmland and “local food ways.”    We will  explore, “What’s on our table? both literally and metaphorically.

Panelists for Panel 1 will include:  

  • Jamie Gauthier, Executive Director of Sustainable Business Network, “The Good Economy”
  • Jack Logan, Director of SolarStates, a certified B Corporation focused on the Triple Bottom Line
  • Trey Bianco, Co-owner and President of Smooth On, a business located in Lower Macungie Township with a   unique perspective of influencing change through creating employee wealth
  • Chris Kauzmann, The Young Entrepreneur in Residence and Innovations Programs Manager, with the Baker Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lehigh University 
  • Todd Auman, entrepreneur and former professional economic developer, co-owner of Dundore & Heister an organic, grass-fed butcher at the Easton Public Market

At 11 a.m., we’ll hear from Vince Smith, the President of Catasauqua’s Borough Council and his team.  He’ll be showing us Catasauqua’s new mixed use, walkable, bike-able community, the Iron Works.  Then, we’ll break for lunch.

benpriceKey note speaker, Ben Price of CELDF will speak in the afternoon

2) Ben Price, the National Organizing Director of CELDF (the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund,) will speak in the afternoon about local community self-determination and “Making Sustainability Legal.”  

Besides having assisted over 300 local municipalities in writing ordinances for local community self-determination, CELDF is known for their instrumental work in helping to write the Ecuadorian Constitution, the first constitution to give legal rights to nature.  

Ben states, “If democracy doesn’t exist at the local municipal level in protecting its citizens, it doesn’t exist at all.”  

Ben will be followed by a panel discussion, facilitated by Michael Drabenstott, one of RenewLV’s Board of Directors that will challenge Ben’s ideas. Panelists of Panel 2 will include: 

  • Robert Freeman, PA State Representative and RenewLV Board Member
  • Jim Preston, Attorney, Broughal & DeVito (knowledge re: municipal planning             
  • Donna Wright – Supervisor, Lower Milford Township and Commissioner, Lehigh Valley Planning Commission where she chairs the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and Municipal Coordinator at Lehigh County Farmland Preservation Office
  • Sunny Ghai   – Concerned Citizen and Chairperson/Facilitator of the Good Neighbor Coalition, member of the Upper Macungie Township Planning Commission

 Join us and community leaders on Friday for thought-provoking speakers, dynamic panels, and break out sessions that will connect you to people who can help you make your ideas a reality.

The Summit, Friday (8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with registration at 7:30 a.m.) costs only $70 for a full-day conference with inspiring and informative programming, collaborative networking opportunities (and two great meals.)  Click here for all of the program details.

Seating is limited, so sign up now by sending an email, calling our offices at 484-893-1060 or online at:



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