Increased Farmland Preservation Efforts Needed in the Lehigh Valley

Forsythia Farm Photo(1)

As many of you know the Assessment Report that guides the work of the Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council sounds the alarm for the need for farmland preservation.

A RenewLV editorial in support of RenewLV’s farmland preservation initiative appeared in Morning Call over the weekend. Here’s the link…–20150522-story.html
My name is on it, but it was truly a dynamic collaborative effort of RenewLV’s Farmland Preservation Committee.  It would not have happened without input from all committee members and without RenewLV board support by Julie Thomases, Dave Lobach and Ron Beitler and oversight by board chair, Michael Drabenstott.
It would also not have happened or — been as powerful — without the farmland preservation facts presented by our region’s farmland preservation professionals, Jeff Zehr of Lehigh County and Maria Bentzoni of Northampton County.

A sincere thank you to all of you who helped make this happen.
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And, if you’ve been meaning to reserve your place for Friday’s 5/29 lunch/discussion at the Fowler Center on Bethlehem’s Southside from 12-2 p.m. on Urban Agriculture:  Join the Lehigh Valley’s Food Revolution, we still literally have a couple of seats left.  We have an informative and dynamic event lined up.  More information here.

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Joyce Marin

Executive Director

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