Join the Food Revolution: Urban Agriculture Lunch/Discussion on 5/29


I have heard it said that the way to change the world is to throw a better party.

We're using that advice to organize a food revolution in the Lehigh Valley.  This is a unique type of movement. There will be no demonstrating in the streets.  It will look like a party with good conversation and tasty local food on the menu.  

This is a revolution in which you create a powerful shift by making a simple decision about what you put on your plate and in your mouth: eat local.

It turns out that you can transform your health, your neighborhood and the regional economy by thinking a little bit differently and choosing more local food.  

Imagine that.

But, how do we get traction about transforming urban neighborhoods through greening efforts?  On Friday 5/29 we're coming together to learn what's going on in the exciting world of Urban Agriculture in the Lehigh Valley...and beyond. We will hear about transformative ideas from people who are creating livable, sustainable, connected communities in the Lehigh Valley and in Philadelphia.

You're invited to come sit at our table for lunch and a discussion to learn more about this radical but delicious idea...the Lehigh Valley's New Food Revolution.  We're meeting on 5/29/15 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Fowler Center on Bethlehem's South Side at 511 E. Third Street.  

"Join the Local Food Revolution"

Dynamic guest speakers will tell us about projects and opportunities happening in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.    

We are hosting this with the support of the Lehigh Valley Food Policy council including the collaborative efforts of sixteenpartners... United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, Second Harvest Food Bank, Rodale Institute, Buy Fresh Buy Local of the Greater Lehigh Valley, CACLV, the Counties of Lehigh and Northampton, St. Luke's University Health Network, the Lehigh Valley Health Network, the Nurture Nature Center, Lafayette College, Jordan Heights Neighborhood, Seven Generations Charter School, Sodexo, New Bethany Ministries and RenewLV and a special thanks to our sponsor, Samuel Adams, Brewing the American Dream.

Our conversations are grounded in a larger effort to grow the local local food economy, "move from ideas to actions" and implement recommendations from Buy Fresh Buy Local's "Lehigh Valley Food Economy Assessment Report."  

A large part of transforming the health of our neighborhoods through urban agriculture is figuring out ways that we can remove barriers for neighborhood greening efforts.  The panel discussion of knowledgable urban farming practitioners will be followed by small group table discussions where you can roll up your sleeves and craft practical solutions to challenges you face in your neighborhood.

There is no cost for coming to our party, but pre-registration is essential.  SEATS ARE LIMITED.  Click here now to reserve your spot at our table. Our last two events were at capacity, so if you want to join us, do not delay...reserve your spot NOW.

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