No Joke: Slate Belt Regional Police On Patrol

We posted about this the other day, but it’s worth mentioning again. As of today, the Slate Belt Regional Police Department has begun operations.

A decade ago11075186_755540254545113_3606783924429358602_n, it might have seemed like an April Fools joke, given the years of on-and-off discussion about the possibility of a joint police force in the Slate Belt.

Thanks to the leadership of three communities — Wind Gap, Pen Argyl and Plainfield Township — that were committed to working towards municipal cooperation, that possibility has become a reality.

We’re fans of all sorts of regional collaboration, so it’s gratifying to see an initiative RenewLV has been backing come to pass.

It’s also a victory for the residents of the three municipalities, as the new force ensures they’ll receive 24-hour police coverage, often from officers they’re familiar with.

A regional force will improve the distribution and deployment of personnel and the effectiveness of police operations, while allowing for more opportunities for advancement and specialization within the department.

“Through collaborations, there are efficiencies and economies of scale, and the money goes further,” said RenewLV Executive Director Joyce Marin. “Additionally, through cooperation, joint efforts of this type can access more outside resources such as grants.”

The 22-member force is led by Chief David Mettin, former chief of the Pennridge Regional police in Bucks County and the consultant who helped the three communities put the force together.

“We are now in a position to have the increased capacity and resources not seen before in the Slate Belt,” Pen Argyl Mayor Mikal Sabatine told the Express-Times last week.

We’ll echo the newspaper’s editorial board’s disappointment that Washington Township and Bangor — who had been part of the planning stages — chose not to join the force.

But we hope that other communities see what’s happening in the Slate Belt — and what’s been happening for several years with the Colonial Regional force in the Bath/Nazareth area –and are inspired to take on collaborative projects of their own.

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