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Eating locally grown food benefits our health, region’s economy (Spanish and English)

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The next time you eat something, take a moment to think about where the food that nourishes your body actually was grown. How far did the food travel from farm to table to make it to your plate?

When you eat out, consider, too, “Where was this food produced?” Ask the server or the restaurant owner if he or she knows the producer and suggest purchasing local products and supporting local producers.

The recently published Envision Lehigh Valley food report makes several important points about our food choices in the Lehigh Valley. This project — formally called “The Assessment Report: Lehigh Valley Local Food Economy” that was published by Buy Fresh Buy Local Greater Lehigh Valley, a program of the Nurture Nature Center in Easton — shows that a commitment to eating local foods can bring positive impacts.

What type of impacts? Improvements in your physical health and the economic and environmental health of our region.

Already, leaders in the region are acting on the EnvisionLV report. For example, leaders in Northampton County recognize that farmland, urban gardens, open space and greenways all have extrinsic and financial benefits to their residents. In partnership with EnvisionLV, Northampton County and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission are undertaking a study to quantify this impact.

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