Farewell & Good Luck

After two years here at Renew Lehigh Valley, first as a Community Fellow and now as the Director, it is a bittersweet Friday.   I will be leaving RenewLV to get married this fall and head north to Connecticut to join my fiance in the next chapter of our lives.  Today is my last day here at RenewLV, but before I left I wanted to say a few words over the blogosphere.

First and foremost, thank you!  It has been an exciting two years to witness change and growth here at RenewLV.  Though our initiatives have shifted since our foundation, our mission remains the same– promoting smart growth and efficient governance in the Lehigh Valley to create an environmentally and economically sustainable future for the region.  The addition of Envision Lehigh Valley, the three-year Sustainable Communities regional planning grant, has gotten stakeholders and communities talking and excited about planning for a sustainable future for the Lehigh Valley.  It has been a privilege to work with so many wonderful and talented people and to talk with so many enthusiastic and active community members across the Lehigh Valley.  RenewLV’s continues to promote regional collaboration and efficient governance through regional crime data-sharing, regional collaborative management of water/wastewater systems, and inter-governmental cooperation for delivery of services in the Slate Belt.  There are many exciting things on the horizon, including our first annual smart growth conference on October 24th and the return of our Brown Bag Discussion sessions.  I’m sorry to be leaving at such an exciting time!

I hope you will welcome my successor (who you will meet shortly) with open arms, as you welcomed me into this new position, and support them in their new role.  This is a long-term agenda, but through this collaborative network that continues to grow, I trust that even more promising things will blossom from the cooperative efforts of the Lehigh Valley.  Though I may be four hours north, I’ll certainly be closely following the progress of this region that has become home.   So thank you to you all for your support, your input, and your conversation over the past two years.  I hope you will continue to support RenewLV and our efforts as we ALL work together to create a sustainable future for the Lehigh Valley.

With all the best,


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  1. Farewell to you too, Rachel — and best wishes for this next phase of your life!

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