Population Projections in YOUR Neighborhood

Last week we told you a little bit about the huge population growth expected to hit the Lehigh Valley within the next thirty years. We broke it down by county, but now the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission has a Profile and Trends report that can show you how much your municipality is expected to grow by 2040.

If you go to the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s website, http://www.lvpc.org, click ‘Enter the Site,’ choose ‘Publications’ on the left side of the page and select the Profile and Trends report, you’ll find the unique histories of Lehigh Valley municipalities, average daily mileage for residents, property values, birth rates, death rates and what we were talking about before – local population percentages (if that’s all you’re looking for, head straight to page 23).

Do you live in North Whitehall? Your local population right now is around 15,703…in 2040, it’s projected to be over 26,000!

Maybe you live in Palmer Township, where the population is now around 17,000 and in thirty years, it will be over 27,000.

Want to see how big your community is going to get? Head over to the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission’s website or look at the chart below where you can find population growth in municipalities from Alburtis to Wind Gap.

Municipal Growth Statistics

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  1. Route22isNOTaCOUNTRYroad

    What this tells me is that an already stress Route 22 will become even more problematic. The economic toll the daily fender benders cause on families and employers justifies investment in widening the heaviest travelled sections. Not to mention the idle emmissions. It is time we promote outside investment in the heart of the valley instead of isolating Route 22 and encouraging investment along the margins of the Valley.

  2. Appropriate transportation will be integral in the comprehensive plan for the Lehigh Valley. Read more about smart growth planning and initiatives at http://www.envisionlehighvalley.com

  3. looks like the big “winners” will be Upper Macungie, Upper Saucon and North Whitehall. I wonder if their school districts are getting ready.

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