Get Out and Vote April 24th

On Tuesday, April 24th, Pennsylvania residents will once again have the chance to have their opinions heard through the voting process.  For Republicans, it is a chance to express their support for Republican presidential candidates in the general primary.  Pennsylvania is still a very important state in the elections as Romney, Gingrich, and Paul battle for supporters and for the nomination.  Residents of the 134th District also have an important decision to make in a special election for the General Assembly.  Republican Ryan McKenzie and Democrat Patrick Slattery will compete for the seat left vacant by former state Representative Doug Reichley.  (For more information about voting in PA, visit:

Though you may not be able to participate in the election on April 24 due to your party affiliation or your geographic location, it is still important to think ahead to the next time you have the chance to participate as an active citizen in the voting process.  You can’t have your opinions represented unless you vote, and you can’t vote unless you’re registered.  Remember, too, that the rules have changed so that voters will need a photo ID come this November.

Even if you can’t or don’t vote on April 24, educate yourself about the issues.  Learn about what the candidates stand for, read Governor Corbett’s proposed budget and how it could impact you, and–most importantly– contact your local legislators.  You can’t complain about the state of affairs unless you participate.

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