Health Commission To Meet in January

On Monday, January 9, 2012, the Health Commission will hold its annual meeting at the Lehigh County Government Center. The newly elected Northampton County Council members, along with the Lehigh County commissioners, will be present at this meeting. This is the perfect opportunity to speak out in support of the Bi-County Health Bureau which has been studied and proposed for the Lehigh Valley and is supported at the state level (October 17 2011 Health Commission Presentationfinal [final10-17]).  All we need is support from both county councils to create the first bi-county health bureau in the state. This type of cooperation and partnership is indicative of joint ventures for which the Lehigh Valley is known and rewarded across the state. Please mark your calendar!

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  1. This concept is authorized by state statute and DOH. But to suggest it is “supported at the state level” is misleading.

  2. The support at the state level to which I refer is funding. According to the presentation made to the Northampton County Council members and the Lehigh County commissioners on October 17, 2011, it will come from:
    “PA Act 315 @ 4.11 per capita (of 6.00 p.c.available)”=$2,659,302;
    “PA Act 12″=$912,560; and
    “PA Act 537 (Sewage Facilities Act)”=$70,000.

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