Board of Health Meeting this Monday

This upcoming Monday, January 31, at 6:00 pm., The Board of Health will be holding a meeting at the American Red Cross Building (Room 103) located on 2200 Avenue A in Bethlehem. At this meeting, The Board of Health will discuss available funding and staff to support its work, and confirm the next steps for 2011.

Despite the January 10th vote from the Health Commission against approving a planning budget for the Board of Health, the Board still remains committed to continuing its work to create a services and business plan for the regional health department.

For additional information, visit our Regional Health Initiative page or contact Steven Bliss at 484-893-1060 or

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  1. From the newspaper article, it sounds as if the regional Board of Health is on life support.,0,5566027.story

    Looking at the LV Renew health initiatives page, it appears to me as though this is a solution in search of problems to solve. With the listing of the issues (lack of vaccination access, a central entity to promote health and manage emergencies) my reaction is why the effort to regionalize things and ignore the issues? Why not address the issues.

    As I say, it appears to me as if someone from the outside looked at the Valley ans asked “Why don’t they have a regional health bureau?” and, while some support was gathered for the concept, it doesn’t have high level political support nor does the populace seem movitivate to support it.

    If there are health issues, why not attack these individually through existing resources instead of spending all the time trying to create another municipal or social body? It may not be regional, but when it came to administering free H1N1 vaccinations recently, the Counties stepped up and organized the effort with what I thought was success. Why not play off of that experience?

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