Buena Suerte en Panama, Beata!

For regular readers of Crossroads — not to mention friends, followers and allies of RenewLV in general — this week brings some sad news. As she noted here yesterday, Beata Bujalska has wrapped up her time as our Campaign Coordinator. She is relocating to Panama City, Panama, along with her boyfriend Jorge, who will be heading up a sales team there for Lutron. We’re very sorry to see Beata go, but thrilled for her as she begins this exciting new chapter.

Beata has been with RenewLV since June 2009, and there’s no way a single blog post can do justice to what she has meant to RenewLV over the past year and a half. She was central to developing and putting in place campaign strategies across all of RenewLV’s initiatives, and was especially key to the organizing effort of our Regional Health Initiative.

Beyond the work on our individual initiatives, Beata helped RenewLV make major strides in general outreach and community education. The success of RenewLV’s brown-bag series is due in large part to Beata’s efforts, both in coming up with topics for the sessions and facilitating strong turnout. And of course, Beata led RenewLV’s use of online tools and social media, boosting our presence through Facebook, Twitter, our blog and website, and iTunes.

Personally speaking, I’ve learned a great from having a Beata as a colleague. This has been mostly about social media, campaign strategy, and outreach, but about other topics, too. For instance, I’ve learned that a band like Duran Duran, which I found pretty difficult to listen to in my younger days and figured had disappeared by now, still has something of a following among Gen Y. (Actually, I never verified that one, but I’m taking Beata’s word for it). I also learned from her about the magic of Groupon.

If I have one regret about Beata’s tenure with RenewLV, it is this: It really should have been me who happened to be in San Francisco the night my Giants wrapped up the World Series title. I’m just saying.

In any case, Beata, here’s wishing you much happiness and continued success in Panama. You added so much to RenewLV and the Lehigh Valley in the time you were here. We’ll all look forward to keeping up with what you do next.

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  1. Best wishes to Beata and Jorge in their new adventures! Happy new year to RenewLV staff and volunteers – may 2011 be a year of great discourse about smart growth and smart governance, and action to make both a reality in our communities.

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