The Culture of Physical Activity

Why are Colorado’s residents less likely to be obese than residents of other states? It might be the culture of physical activity. So states a recent New York Times article on the topic of rising obesity rates.

But why is there such a strong culture there? It could have something to do with the prevalence of bike and walk paths — which provide one disincentive to get out of the car. Less reliance on a car provides more opportunity to move. This claim is further buttressed by the fact that Washington, DC also has low obesity rates and a good portion of the District’s residents rely on public transportation to commute.

So what can be said for Pennsylvania? Perhaps we should invest more money into our public transportation system. It seems that the public needs incentives to become active — and more effective transportation planning can provide those incentives.

To learn more about RenewLV’s work on transportation, visit our Sustainable Transportation Initiative page.

About Beata Bujalska

Beata Bujalska is the former Campaign Coordinator for Renew Lehigh Valley. She currently lives in Panama, a place that fascinates her due to (among other reasons) its recent development boom.

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