Strong Interest Statewide in Building One PA Summit

As Crossroads recently touched on, Good Schools Pennsylvania is joining with 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania and a number of other partners across the Commonwealth in holding the Building One PA Summit on Friday, July 16, in Lancaster. The purpose of the summit is to build a statewide movement in support of state and federal policies that advance regional equity and foster investment in Pennsylvania’s cities and boroughs. The featured speaker will be Myron Orfield, one the nation’s leading thinkers on regional planning, smart growth and urban revitalization.

The latest word from those convening the summit is that there are already more than 125 organizations that will represented at the event, including urban school districts, foundations, city and county governments, economic development organizations, community- and faith-based organizations, colleges and universities, regional planning organizations, unions, think tanks, and others.

In light of the Lehigh Valley’s strong culture of regional thinking–as well as the major role that our three cities play in the region’s economic and cultural life–it makes sense for the Lehigh Valley to have a strong showing in Lancaster. Interested in attending? You can register online (it’s $15, and that includes lunch).

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