American Public Health Association Survey: Americans willing to work to improve community health

This past weekend I received a copy of The Nation’s Health, the official newspaper of the American Public Health Association. While reading the newspaper, I found an article I thought would be good to share. In January, 2010, in conjunction with the American Public Health Association and National Public Health Week, A Healthy America, a national telephone survey was conducted among 1,000 U.S. adults. The objectives of  the survey were to measure what Americans know about public health initiatives; to establish what Americans believe constitutes “A Healthier America;” and  quantify how Americans characterize their personal health as well as their ability to make personal or community differences.

The survey results indicated that Americans are taking steps to healthier life styles. The key findings of the study were:

  • 64% of Americans have made healthy changes in their lifestyle, while 21% were thinking about making additional improvements.
  • 51% of Americans have helped their friends or families make changes to their personal health and well-being in the past six months.
  • 70% of Americans would be willing to vote for representatives that support environmentally and health-friendly policies.
  • 65% of Americans would be willing to advocate for initiatives that would improve their community’s health.
  • 56% of American would be willing to walk or bike instead of drive to school, work, or other destinations.
  • When it comes to being healthy, 47% of Americans want to be an inspiration for their children.
  • 58% of Americans characterized their lifestyles as somewhat healthy and 27% say they are healthy.
  • Lack of time and commitment were cited as the barriers to improving health.

If you are interested to find out more information about National Public Health Week, a full coverage article will be published in the Nations Health in July. For more information about National Public Health Week, please visit, e-mail or call (202) – 777 – 2425. Also, to learn more about regional public health, please visit RenewLV’s Regional Health Initiative page

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