National Public Health Week – “A Healthier America: One Community at a time” April 5th – April 11th

Since 1995, the American Public Health Association has been serving as the organizer of the National Public Health Week. To highlight issues important to improving the public’s health, this week, the APHA organized activities to educate the public, policy-makers and practitioners about issues related to public health across the nation. This year’s themes included:

  • Monday: A Healthier America and YOU – The impact your health has on your community.
  • Tuesday: Your Community – The impact your community’s health has on the nation.
  • Wednesday: Your School – How education and school policies can improve students’ health.
  • Thursday: Your Workplace – How healthy employees and healthy businesses can effect real change.
  • Friday: Your Nation – How the nation’s health is dependent upon all individuals and communities.

As National Public Health Week is ending (April 11th), please take a few minutes to join the American Public Health Association to support public health. Here are some ways to show your support:

1. Pledge to be a health champion in your community
Sign the APHA pledge to take a step, big or small towards improving your health and the health of your community.

2. Spread the word
Post the A Healthier American video in your facebook page, blog or Twitter account. Help the American Public Health Association to reach 100,000 views by Sunday, April 11th. You can access the video at

To learn more about the National Public Health Week, please visit To learn more about regional public health visit RenewLV’s Regional Health Initiative page.

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