New Poll Shows Strong Support for Public Transportation

Transportation for American has just released a new poll that shows that Americans strongly support public transportation. Some of the key findings show that the vast majority of voters support an expanded and improved transportation system:

–          82% say the United States would benefit from an expanded and improved transportation system, such as rail and buses (79% of rural voters agree with this)
–          59% favor improving multimodal transit options vs. 38% who support new roads and expansion of existing roads

Other findings indicate that people feel forced to drive, without alternative options for getting around. Further, 58% of voters expressed support for increasing the per dollar ratio of federal transportation spending for public transportation. Currently,

This a very important and timely poll, especially leading up to the drafting of a new long-term transportation bill by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, expected this year.

Check out all of the details on Transportation for America’s poll website.

It is often the case that discussions about transportation funding, especially with regard to public transit funding, become discussions about taking money from rural residents to fund transit development in the cities. This poll helps to illustrate the widespread support for a multimodal transportation system, and acknowledgement that such a system will have a positive impact on Americans, regardless of where they live.

This poll should help to frame the issue less as a ‘us vs. them’ issue,  and more around what is economically and environmentally sustainable for all of us.

What are some of the potential implications of this poll? Would the Lehigh Valley reflect a similar sentiment?

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