Butz-Leister Farm Meeting– March 11th, 7pm

You may have seen the article in the Morning Call regarding an upcoming meeting to “gauge the public’s interest” in the continued preservation/restoration of the Butz-Leister Farm in Lower Macungie Township.

The Township Commissioners will hold the meeting at the Macungie municipal building, 3400 Brookside Road, Macungie, at 7pm this Thursday, March 11th.

This meeting will help the Commissioners decide whether or not to continue funding the restoration of this valuable Lehigh Valley asset. Your attendance would be a great way to show support, not only for the preservation of the Butz-Leister Farm, but for the preservation of historical sites and open space.

The mission statement of Friends of the Butz-Leister Farm— a group dedicated to preserving one of the townships earliest farmsteads– highlights the important role and potential of this 100+ acre property: 

The Friends of the Butz-Leister Farmstead is dedicated to preserving the Butz-Leister Farmstead for a cooperatively run farmstead created to educate our community, model sustainability, protect the ecology, preserve our culture, and honor our past as well as to provide for passive recreation opportunities for the public.

For more information or to pledge your support, visit the Friends of the Butz-Leister Farm website. Hopefully we’ll see you at the meeting on Thursday!

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