Community Gardeners Laugh At The Snow

Even as I grumble to grab my snow shovel this weekend, inside I’ll be smiling, thinking about breaking ground on new community gardens this spring.    So I’m glad that Steven Bliss generously invited me to guest blog this week for Crossroads.  I am part of SUN*LV (Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley), a group that formed over the past year to help support and start community gardens in Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

Now is the perfect time for volunteer groups, churches, businesses and organizations to join the effort.  Whether it’s helping organize, lending financial support, providing in-kind services or supplies, or finding new neighborhood locations that can be turned into gardens, there’s much you can do.

Here’s a few easy ways to discover how you can help:

  1. Go to WWW.SUNLV.ORG and register for our social network. It’s the single best way to stay informed about community gardening news across the Valley.   You can search for local gardens, identify resources that can help your garden and see upcoming events, including…
  2. In Allentown during the upcoming week there are three important meetings you can attend
    1. On Monday, Feb. 8 you can sit in on the Community Gardening Task Force meeting at 6:45 PM.  We meet the second Monday of every month. Please RSVP on the SUNLV.ORG events page, or email us directly for details at
    2. Tuesday, Feb. 9, members of the Task Force will present to the Redevelopment Authority of Allentown. Be there at 6PM at City Hall to discuss a few potential sites for new gardens and hear us bring the RACA up-to-date on the successful launch of the Chestnut St. Community Garden last year.
    3. If those public meetings leave you thirsty, then don’t miss the Green Drinks group get-together at the Allentown Brew Works from 5-7PM on Wednesday, Feb. 10.  You’ll get to connect with green-minded folks from all across the Valley and learn more about the many benefits of community gardening in our cities.

Not to be outdone, in Bethlehem, the Southside Community Gardens group is meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at Maginnes Hall on the campus of Lehigh University at 7PM.

In Easton, community gardens are being organized by the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership, so for details on their upcoming plans contact Sophia Feller at 610.515.0891.

Members of SUN*LV  hope to connect with you soon and to keep the Crossroads blog community informed of our efforts during the upcoming year.


Working to support and start community gardens in the Lehigh Valley through Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley, a program of Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley.

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  1. The work of SUN*LV is heroic. Thanks for all you are doing at the community level to rebuild our communities!

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