Better TOD: Focusing on Transit

The Sustainable Cities Collective often publishes ridiculously insightful and on-point pieces and yesterday’s post by Ariel is no exception. The article points out that, often, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is too focused on the Development aspect and not as much on the Transit portion. Any project within 1/4 mile of transit is classified as TOD, even if the transit is not completely reliable or frequent.

An Econsult report is cited: “The value of any development is contingent upon the value of the transit service provided.” How true. And here comes the vital point (often made by RenewLV, 10,000 Friends of PA, Transportation for America, and countless other organizations working on transit and smart growth issues) that transportation and development are intricately tied to each other, and better land use planning is needed to make sure that regions grow in a smarter and more coordinated manner. We, as a society, are learning that not all development is good development. And while transit oriented development goes a long way in promoting better long-term visions, it still needs to be mindful of coordinated planning – one that promotes urban revitalization and redevelopment of the core communities.

But what are your thoughts on this?

About Beata Bujalska

Beata Bujalska is the former Campaign Coordinator for Renew Lehigh Valley. She currently lives in Panama, a place that fascinates her due to (among other reasons) its recent development boom.

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