Lancaster County Wins Award for Overall Excellence in Smart Growth Achievement

Congratulations to the Lancaster County Planning Commission for receiving the 2009 National Award for Overall Excellence in Smart Growth Achievement! The E.P.A. recognized Lancaster County for the creation of Envision Lancaster County, Lancaster’s comprehensive growth management plan.

“Every year the Smart Growth Achievement Award winners show us new and creative ways to bring environmental sustainability to our communities — and this year is no exception,” said EPA Administrator Jackson. “Smart Growth has an important role to play in building a new foundation for prosperity in communities across the nation. Innovative Smart Growth techniques give communities from urban to suburban to rural the chance to be environmentally sustainable and economically resilient.” –EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

In a Lancaster online newspaper article, James Cowhey, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, credited the success of the comprehensive plan to the community saying:

“The Overall Excellence Award recognized the hard work of the community,” Cowhey said. “The Lancaster County Planning Commission was recognized, but really it was the community involved in the process and implementation of sustaining Lancaster County as a really great place, preserving agricultural land as a working landscape and balancing it with growth occurring in the growth areas.”

As part of the comprehensive plan, Lancaster County created Envision, a six-minute video, intended to serve as an engaging introduction to the plan. The video, along with the full text of the plan, can be accessed on the Lancaster County Planning Commission website.  

For information on the three other Smart Growth Achievement award recipients, check out the EPA news release.

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