Building More Parking…for Bikes

One of the core principles of the Transportation for America campaign (of which RenewLV is a coalition partner) is the importance of putting in place land-use and development approaches that encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation.  As an article today in Slate describes, this can often come right down to the level of individual buildings. Tom Vanderbilt discusses a trend toward new local policies that require buildings–commercial and residential–to allocate adequate parking spaces for bicycles.

Why do these measures matter? Because parking helps make commuters—a lesson long ago learned with cars…Surveys have shown that the leading deterrent to potential bicycle commuters is lack of a safe, secure parking spot on the other end.

As Vanderbilt notes, regions and individual communities need to think of transportation as a system that encompasses–and is not distinct from–the places it connects. This is a principle that guides RenewLV’s work with T4America as well as with T4PA, the statewide campaign being coordinated by 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania.  To get involved with our transportation efforts, email us at or sign up for our email list.

(And–on the topic of parking spaces for bikes–even bike racks themselves offer an opportunity for innovative design, as one of my personal heroes has shown.)

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