Improvements Energize Allentown’s Cedar Creek Parkway

A May 21st ground breaking ceremony marked the launch of a $1.8 million project to make Cedar Creek Parkway in Allentown the region’s premier park destination. The project includes restoration of existing facilities in addition to building several innovative park features, including a interactive playground, pavilions and exercise trails.

The improved features of the Cedar Creek Parkway mark the dramatic transformation of the large park into an impressive destination. Renovations to the park’s infrastructure — including improving lighting, replacing three pedestrian bridges and outdated restrooms, adding electrical hookups for vendors and expanding picnic areas and parking — will establish the Parkway as a park that all residents of the Lehigh Valley will be able to enjoy.

The enhanced accessibility of the park will provide new fitness options to people of all ages. Due to the growing need for recreation opportunities of older adults, a new Lifetrail path will offer exercise stations can turn a routine walk into a complete fitness program. Developed by experts from Penn State University, the Lifetrail workout seeks to maintain endurance, flexibility and strength. The renovations will also benefit children with the installation of a new and expansive playground to promote active and creative forms of play.  Moreover, the recycled rubber playground surface will allow children in wheelchairs to easily access and participate in activities with other children.

Funded by government grants and private donations, the multi-million dollar investment exemplifies the commitment to revitalizing the city of Allentown and driving people to the core areas of the Lehigh Valley.

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