“Resilient cities” concept espoused in new book

A recent Architectural Record blog post talks about the concept of “resilient cities,” an ambitious concept presented by Professor of Sustainability Peter Newman of Curtin University, and Professor Tim Beatley of the University of Virginia. According to the blog, they claim:

(the) urban structure has reworked itself around every major wave of technological innovation that society has encountered, beginning with the 1st wave of wielding iron, textiles, waterpower. Tracing this taxonomy, they claim the 6th wave of technological innovation is arriving, born on the backs of sustainability, biomimicry, industrial ecology, and renewable energy among other things. The problem, they argue, is an entrenched system trying to unnaturally extend 4th wave petrochemical forms of consumption and urban design. A resilient city will be carbon neutral, integrated with nature, rely on local ecologies, and allow its residents to use public transportation exclusively.

Heady stuff. But a good read nonetheless.

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