LANTA wants to expand

The Morning Call ran an article today on the proposed expansion plans of LANTA, our region’s local public transportation agency.  I for one, am thrilled that they have the foresight to know that if federal funding does come down the line for public transportation improvements, they better have some kind of plans ready to put into action if they’d like to receive any of it.  Additionally, many of the details represent much needed improvements to the local bus service.

My only comment would be that still, I wish there would be a focus on getting people to where they work more than where they shop, but I suspect that if I looked at the proposed expanded routes, I would see that in fact, they are planning to focus on that – but unfortunately that can be hard to immediately detect when you look at service that sometimes seems to just go from mall to mall to mall, and if you are lucky, you might live or work somewhere in between two malls.

From the Morning Call:

Phase 1

Restructure routes to create core ‘trunk lines’ where buses run every 10-15 minutes at peak times.
Replace Starlight and Night Owl lines with extended hours on regular routes. Expand weekend service.
Expand service to high demand locations such as Promenade Shops, Fogelsville, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and on Silver Line.

Phase 2

Create satellite transit hubs such as Lehigh Valley Medical Center, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Promenade Shops, routes 512 and 22 and St. Luke’s Freemansburg Avenue complex.
Focus on intermodal connections to Park-n-Ride locations.
Increase suburban connections between hubs, offer flexible routing between suburban hubs.

Phase 3

Create ‘Bus Rapid Transit’ system along trunk lines offering stations spaced 1/2 mile apart. Capital improvements allow buses to act more like trains speeding along dedicated routes.

Phase 4

Assist efforts to create commuter rail service to New York and Philadelphia.
Secure right-of-way for future light rail within Lehigh Valley.

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