What Does Smart Growth Look Like?

The NRDC website now includes a feature called “Picturing Smart Growth: Visions for Sustainable Communitites Across America.”  It is definitely worth a look.  Explaining “smart growth” or “mixed-use” development looks like is not simple task (“Are you talking about putting houses in an office park?”).  The general aversion to increased density (“Are you talking about building a tenement in that cornfield?) is another significant hurdle.  Picturing Smart Growth is a great tool for illustrating what is meant by “smart growth” in a variety of different locations across the country.


Picturing Smart Growth

Picturing Smart Growth

Using photo-editing software, the visionaries of Urban Advantage have transformed pictures of communities from all over the country to show how they could become more pleasant, walkable neighborhoods. Learn how smart growth principles could work their magic on these sample cities and towns.

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