Green Building Bright Spot on Cloudy Day…Month…Year…???

Holly shared her experience at the US Green Builder’s Council in an earlier post.  Here’s another take on the issue of green building from the Urban Land Institute’s blog “The Ground Floor” (yes, they have a catchier name than we do…any suggestions?):

Green building is the bright spot in an otherwise tough economy. U.S. Green Building Council members report green building to be less affected by the down market compared to nongreen building, and homebuyers are willing to pay more for a green home.

Perceived economic benefits are driving green building, including higher revenues, lower lifecycle costs, and lower operating costs, but builders and buyers are also motivated by health benefits, new government regulation, and pressure from global competition.


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  1. The stats at the conference were that occupancy on “green buildings” is significantly higher and the cost per sq. foot is $6 more. Recession proof?

    …Now on this point LVIP seems to moving in the right direction.

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